diriliş Ertuğrul

diriliş Ertuğrul

Resurrection: Ertugrul (“Diriliş Ertuğrul” in Turkish) is a Turkish series that was first aired in the year 2014, on the Popular Turkish TV Station TRT. TRT was then a Station fighting to regain its dominance on the charts, as views had been dwindling drastically. Being labeled as having a plethora of low production value shows under their belt, they really needed something to revamp and reset how they were viewed. The countless genres they tested to regain constant exposure, hadn’t helped at all; until they decided to give it another try with the released Resurrection: Ertugrul.
It was presented as just new addition to the weekly Wednesday night line up, but quickly dominated the ratings and became the highest viewed show on their station. When the rating figures were tested, it was noted that a majority of the views came from those with high educational backgrounds and others from among the Upper Class in Turkey. What a way to boost your station’s position.

Now, let’s get into what Resurrection: Ertugrul is really all about.

The TV series focuses on and quite accurately highlights the life of Ertugrul, who was by then the father to Osman I. Osman I, was the founder of Ottoman Empire which can as well be known as Turkish Empire in the year 1299. Ertugrul had just arrived in Anatolia from Merv (Turkmenistan) with 400 of his best horsemen to aid in the war of the Seljuks, of Rum against Byzantine. After the brutal slaughtering of the Seljuks of Rum in the 14th Century, the land of Anatolia was then divided into several little independent Turkish states, also known as Ghazi Emirates. Basically Ertugrul set off a domino effect in the series of events that ultimately led to his son, Osman I, founding of Ottoman Empire. The series delves into the history books to give viewers a spot on, first hand insight as to what Ottoman Empire, was truly like when it was first founded.
The first episode had Turkish Social Media ablaze with excitement, as some were truly captivated by how precisely relayed the story was; others were debating and comparing it to the Popular U.S HBO Series, Game of Thrones. However, what really made the series so amazing was that it drew in about a third of Turkish prime time viewers to the screen and had even been aired in more than 45 countries around the world! By the way the ratings sky rocketed, it had been duly noted that there was a great hunger and an obvious desire within the hearts of the locals to know more about their ancestors; establish a bond with those who fought for their country.
The now popular series, has indeed capitalized on the growth and reach of technology, by creating avenues where by, viewers could explore the depths of their history through audial and visual means. Seeing vividly, the mindsets of those within that period of time, their lifestyle, their choice of clothing, even the social structure, really created the necessary setting that drew people in. All with the first episode.
It is safe to say, that the TRT station has found their golden ticket to relevance. The first season was just the start, however the second season has proven to be even more of a success! Resurrection: Ertugrul is still dominating, holding onto and rarely dipping below the 30% competitive Wednesday Night Primetime slot.

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5 Benefits of Minimalist Home Models

5 Benefits of Minimalist Home Models

Minimalis home models is so popular and it has been in high demand for few years now. It looks like this style is going to stay on top for a longer time from now. If you consider adopting the style to your rumah minimalis , it is wise. Here are few benefits you should get by adopting the minimalist style.

Strong Appeal, Easy to Transform

Minimalist design always looks good on almost all kinds of properties. It gives your property strong appeal, which is a significant upgrade on its value. If you plan to sell the property, you will earn a lot. If you plan to keep it and hold several events, the home will be the easiest place to transform. Its simplicity allows you to décor as you want it. All themes and all occasions should be fit anyway.

Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Minimalist is always about being tidy, balance in lighting, space, and neat. A lot of clutters will drive you anxious. Small room makes you feel like you are trapped. Dark room is depressing. Minimalist gives you the opposite. The tidiness and neatness reduces your anxiety, and the balance lighting is freeing you from stress, and the space gives you feeling of relax and freedom. This should be a perfect style for parents or young and busy people.

Dust Free

In minimalist home, you don’t use too much stuff in the rooms. It doesn’t only give you enough space to move and to feel free, but it also allows less dust to accumulate. When it comes to cleaning, you will be able to finish it quickly and right away without too much effort. This is a perfect choice for parents with babies and little kids. It should make a healthier and safer home for those little feet.

Psychological Balance

Minimalist design is known to use a lot of symmetrical shapes in details. According to research, symmetrical shapes give you psychological balance in which you will feel calm and relax, and you feel the contentment immediately after you see the shapes. The good news is these shapes can be involved in so many ways from furniture to centerpieces. It means you can make a nice and calming home and the concept is completely applicable for every rooms in the house.

Mood Brightening Color

Minimalist design involves simple and light colors in the details. It comes with tonal choice and it is commonly paired with more neutral palettes. It allows your eyes to see things as simple and easy. In addition to it, these colors are often illuminated with bright light from large windows the style often uses. You don’t find difficulties in understanding the design. Somehow, it keeps you calm and it brightens your mood. You will feel good while you are at home.

Considering that a home is where you go after a long day, hoping for a place you can be calm and relax, this style is definitely worth the investment. The benefits are too amusing to ignore. Maybe, it is time for you to adopt the minimalist home model.

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English Art

Why learn english is important

English nowadays is one of the main languages or even the most important is, should not be a secret.In the world, although Chinese is spoken most frequently, but English is the most widely spoken foreign language is learned as a second language in many countries. Nevertheless neglect to give it a lot of people, English at school enough attention and can after graduation hardly formulate a complete sentence. Of course it is much easier to learn a new language as a child, but there are a lot of reasons for arguing to file as an adult still on his English skills. Some of them I would like to enumerate here:

 Vacation English
In virtually every country in the already has lost a tourist, one speaks a little English. Even if it is only enough for directions – with good English can be reassured traveling around the world.

English at work
Nowadays good knowledge of English are spoken and written in many professions to the main requirements. Who speaks good English also has a greater chance to find a good job abroad.

English Movies
Almost all movies playing in our theaters, are Hollywood productions with English actors. While we enjoy in Germany, Austria and Switzerland a (compared to other languages) very good synchronization, but the original is still better by far. Not least because not leave a lot of jokes and sayings translate readily.

English music lyrics
English songs are usually played on the radio and in the current charts. Although one would like to certain songs probably do not understand, because the lyrics are garbage, but it can also be fun to be able to sing along.

English books
Many English novels are translated only after a long time in other languages. In addition, in a translation is often much of the stylistic subtitles showed.

English as a language of science
Who writes scientific papers, English would dominate as much as possible, because publications are read more often in English with a high probability (assuming the content is good).

English dominates the Internet
The size of the Internet is enormous and content in all languages available. But once you are looking for something specific or detailed information is needed you will be very difficult to get ahead without English. A good example is the Wikipedia, the 3.6 mil. English articles biggest source of knowledge on the Internet.

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