Top 10 Pakistani dishes everyone should learn to cook



Pakistani cuisine is full of delicious and mouth-watering dishes. All the dishes in Pakistani cuisine are too much tasty. This cuisine is a must try for food lovers. Tourists from all over the world come to Pakistan to try Pakistani cuisine and they like it very much.

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Here are the top 10 Pakistani dishes everyone should learn to cook easily by and these are the most popular Pakistani dishes:

1: Biryani Recipe:

It is the most popular dish in Pakistani cuisine. It is made up of rice, spices, and meat. You can also use potatoes in it but it is optional. It is the most widely regarded dish in Pakistani cuisine. Its recipe is not that difficult.

2: Karahi Recipe:

It is also one of the most delicious Food dishes in Pakistani cuisine. Karahi is one of the most economical dishes as well. Karahi is mostly made from mutton or chicken meat. Every weekend people come to eat it in large number at famous restaurants. This shows the love of people for it. It is served with naan, yoghurt, and salad.

3: Nihari Recipe:

It is also one of the most liked dishes in Pakistani cuisine. There are many hotels all over Pakistan who are only specialized in serving nihari. These hotels are dedicated for nihari. So it is one of the most eaten dishes in Pakistan.

4: Korma Recipe:

Korma is a dish made up of delicious curry and meat. Its curry has wonderful taste. It is mostly served in marriage ceremonies. It is served with naan. It is made up of different spices and yoghurt. One can also make korma using almonds and other dry fruits which add to its taste. If someone is thinking of starting from a basic level he must learn to cook korma.

5: Pulao Recipe:

Pulao is also a rice dish and its main ingredients are meat and rice. It has lesser spices than biryani that’s why it is liked by the people who prefer less spicy foods. Pulao and biryani are competitors and they often go in competition while deciding about them.

6: Haleem Recipe:

Haleem is also one of the favourite dishes of Pakistanis. There are many hotels dedicated to haleem only and are known as haleem centers. Haleem is mostly prepared in large quantity but it can also be prepared in a less quantity in a small saucepan. It is made up of a number of pulses and meat.

7: Shami kabab Recipe:

This is the easiest dish to prepare. Shami kabab is made up of pulses and meat. These pulses and meat are then mixed together and small circle shape is made. These are then fried. Shami kabab is mostly eaten as snacks.

8: Keema Recipe:

Keema is basically a crushed meat. It can be prepared in many ways. Either through cooking with some spices or just making its kabab. Keema is a common ration item.

 9: Kheer Recipe:

Kheer is the most popular dessert in Pakistan. In all the parties or ceremonies, kheer is the most widely regarded dessert. Kheer has many types and many recipes. Each recipe differs in ingredients.

 10: Zarda Recipe:

Zarda is a sweet dish made up of rice and sugar. It also has sweet meat, khoya, Safron, murabba in it. It is also a highly regarded after meal sweet dish.


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